Here is a list of my good products; click on the links to see more details.

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 Link to TheDisks - floppies manager

Thedisks, floppies manager.

Link to McXtract - mulit-columns text extraction

McXtract, multi-columns text file extraction.

ASP-normalized presentation

Link to TextDow, Dos <-> Windows text conversion

TextDow, Dos <-> Windows text file converter

ASP-normalized presentation

Link to By Heart!, easy all subject learning program

By Heart!, easy by-heart all-subjects learning tool

ASP-normalized presentation

Link to StrMatch, string text-file matching

StrMatch, string matching in text files

Link to Le LANCEUR, key sequense launcher

Le Lanceur, key sequence launcher for any window program.

Link to PICKIMG, BMP and WMF... browser

PickImg, picture files browser (for Windows 3.1)


Excel template for many sheet

hpg.xlt, Excel template, for many-sheets workbooks

Outil pour calcul de TVA (in French)

TEVEHA, for calculations with the V.A.T. (in French)

Euro converter

PgEuro, Euro-currency converter

List files in a directory

Fli, Files list in a directory (folder), to copy

Ugly Printer, Resets case for SAP ABAPS sources

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